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When I am out of the office for a period of time, I usually set up an Out of Office rule in my email account. Does that have any affect on ECF Noticing?
Yes, if you set up an Out of Office message on your e-mail, please make sure that the email address is set up as an exception to the automatic reply rule set up with your Out of Office e-mail notice.

What happens when I am on vacation and I don't have access to e-mail?
You can add additional e-mail addresses to your account, so that another staff member may monitor the filings in your absence. You can also modify your e-mail user account to receive a daily summary rather than a notice for each filing, thus cutting down on the number of emails you'll have in your inbox upon your return.

Can you change my or my associate's email address for me?
Each attorney is responsible for maintaining his/her own CM/ECF account information, including law firm affilitation, street and telephone information, and email addresses. NOTE: certain street addresses (including law firm affiliations) can not be changed by the user. If the attorney is unable to update that information, send an email to the CM/ECF Help Desk at - they will be able to assist you.

I added additional email addresses to my noticing list however, now I am not getting any notices. Why?
"It is important to ensure that the email addresses which you enter are accurate and typed in correctly. Incorrect or typographical errors cause noticing emails to bounce back to us as undeliverable. When this happens it is possible that either you, your additional recipients or both will not receive any electronic notices at all. If we receive bounce backs for additional recipients listed on your account, we will remove these recipients from your email setup to prevent further bounce backs from being received and notify you that there was a problem with them. You will need to verify the recipients' correct email addresses and re-enter them. Additionally, only a (;) semi-colon should be used to separate multiple email addresses.

How do I link my PACER account to my ECF account?
You may link your PACER Account to your CM/ECF account in one of two ways: 1, by going to the Utilities menu in ECF and clicking on "Change your PACER Login" or by 2, going to PACER. Either choice will bring the user to a PACER login screen. Immediately above the login portion of the screen, a check box may be found to "Make this my default PACER login."

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