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What hardware and software will I need to use CM/ECF?

You will need the following hardware and software to electronically file, view, and retrieve documents in the CM/ECF system.
* A personal computer running a standard platform such as Windows or Macintosh.;
* Internet service and a compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, etc.). In either case, the browser must be JavaScript-enabled.);
* Software to convert documents from a word processor format to portable document format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer, as well as certain word processing programs can perform this function. (For viewing documents, not authoring them, only Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed.);
* A PDF-compatible word processor like WordPerfect or Microsoft Word;
* A scanner to convert paper documents that are not in your word processing system to an electronic version suitable for e-filing.

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